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Stars Align Necklace in 18k Gold


Have you ever had a day when you felt like the stars aligned for you?  The Stars Align Necklace is a personalized piece of jewelry that features the exact star chart of a specific night hand engraved onto the front of an 18k gold pendant.  Each 18k gold pendant hangs from a delicate 18k gold chain and has both luxurious weight and a clean design aesthetic.

In 2015, assigned with the task of creating jewelry to be awarded to tennis tournament champions for the greatest female players in the world, I created these pieces so that they would always have a physical representation of what it looked like when the stars aligned and they won the tournament.  Whether you'd like to commemorate the birth of a child, the day that you met your true love, the day you launched your very own company (which is the pattern on my personal necklace) or any other momentous occasion, this necklace will become either the best gift that you could ever give yourself or truly the most thoughtful gift that you could give to someone you love.  I'm able to pull star charts for any date and location (even if you only have the latitude and longitude) that you'd like to represent as viewed from all major cities throughout the world.  

(Necklace pictured below is on an 18-inch chain.  This pendant is also available on a handmade 18k gold chain.)

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