About the Artist


     Sawyer Riley is a traveling goldsmith who gathers materials and inspiration as she journeys across the country, creating fine jewelry from recycled gold and silver and traceable, ethically-sourced gemstones - many of which are gathered with her own two hands.  She was classically trained as a Graduate Jeweler at The Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts in San Francisco, California, after spending several years in the food and wine industry, most recently living and working in the Napa Valley.  Sawyer’s passion for working with her hands, love of poetry, and entrepreneurial spirit were probably most influential in driving her to launch her own company in 2015, allowing her to create meaningful jewelry to express her artistic visions.

     As Sawyer travels the country making jewelry, she is also in search of the perfect location to start the world’s first jeweler residency program.  Based on an agritourism model, she’ll build studios and classrooms alongside a farm, vineyard, winery, and gallery and visiting guests will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a fully creative atmosphere and acquire jewelry made from artists living there.  Her vision is that jewelers at every phase of their career will benefit from this property on every level - mind, body, and spirit - and that vision keeps her wheels moving and her hands working each day, getting her closer and closer to making her dreams (and the dreams of her fellow jewelers) a reality.